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The 2023 Programme will be announced end of May

The Conference Board is currently reviewing the proposals.

2 Conferences, 1 Goal

With your ticket for the Business Agility Day, you also have access to the parallel «Agile Leadership Day» conference. The sister conference focuses on topics ranging from operational to strategic agility.


Kaja Bertoli

Head Strategy & Business Development UBS Switzerland

Anna Maria Blengino


Sinja Christiani

DBI Transformation Director | Data & Business Intelligence | GTO

Daniel Gahlinger

Group Chief Digital Officer

Philippe Gissinger

Head IT Marketing and Customer Engagement

Ulf Hoppenstedt

Head Business Development & Member Division Management Real Estate

Nick James

Head of Agile Transformation, Managing Director

Vidor Kapy


Sven Maushake


Stefan Müller

Group CTO

Sivakumar Narayanan

Head of Product Management, Marketing and Business Development

Fabian Ringwald


Thorsten Schmidt

Global Head Transformation Network

Remo Schmidli

Head IT, Operations & Real Estate; Member of the Executive Board

Adrian Zwingli



Kongresshaus Zürich
Claridenstrasse 5


On the tech side, agile has become the new standard way of working. But to take full advantage of agile, organizational barriers need to be taken down and agile must become an organization-wide way of working and mindset.

The answer is Business Agility.


  • Insights and best practices from leading companies
  • Networking across functional areas and industries
  • Access to Agile Leadership Day talks and workshops
  • Supervised by an independent board, staffed by prominent companies

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