Pascale Wahl 

Head of B2C Value Stream & Digitalization

Pascale Wahl is passionate about Digital Business Models, Transformations and the Agile Way of working. Further fields, which she is strongly integrating into the company’s transformation journey are Customer centricity and data driven decision making.

She has several years of Omni-channel and Digitalization experience (incl. in the agile way of working) within the consumer goods & retail industry. Currently she is leading the digitalization of the retail business (pharmacies) at Galenica. Previously, she has lead the Digitalization and Business Development of Mammut and worked several years for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Talk - Digital Transformation at Switzerland’s Largest Healthcare Provider

Healthcare, an industry that is finally waking up from its digital sleeping beauty. Galenica has been embarking on an exciting transformation journey ~3 years ago. With the largest network of pharmacies (> 500 pharmacies) in Switzerland, Galenica has the goal to be the first and most convenient point of contact for patients and customers when it comes to health consultations and prevention. Get first hand insights into success factors and also challenges of the digital transformation journey. The key learnings are discussed along the “What” (Strategy) and “How” (Way of working), where the customer is always in the center.