What is Agile Leadership Day?

The meeting place for leaders in IT

Agile Leadership Day is a place to meet, share, and inspire one another. Connecting diverse industries and roles, from CIOs to Agile Coaches, encompassing IT, Finance, and Operations, you'll gain actionable insights and innovative approaches to agility. Apply your new knowledge straight away and bring your organization's agile maturity to new heights.

What is Business Agility Day?

Transformation is a team sport

Business Agility Day unites all professionals from various roles, departments, professions, and organizational levels necessary for building organizations for the future. Through practical insights, best practices, and cross-functional networking, organizations are empowered to enhance the speed and depth of their transformations.

Driving change together

Create the bridge between operational and strategic agility

Agile is not just a tech thing. It‘s about adding the necessary capabilities into our companies to prosper in the fast-changing digital world. With both conferences taking place on the same day and at the same place, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts from all roles, departments, and professions necessary for a successful transformation.