Vladimir Vuskovic

Director of Product Management - Conversational AI



Vladimir Vuskovic, PhD, leads a product team in Google Cloud tasked with building Smart Virtual Agents using the latest of Google AI. Before that, he led product for the Google App experience on Android and iOS, was one of the Google Assistant co-founders, and led several other efforts in Google including YouTube API and Uploads after joining Google in 2011.


Vlad holds a PhD in Robotics from ETH Zurich.

Talk - How “Generative AI” Will Transform Organizations and Leadership

Generative AI has brought fully new capabilities to conversational AI that were elusive to researchers and developers previously. Things that 5 years ago we thought we would need decades to develop suddenly became possible. These new abilities are transforming the way companies create content, run customer care, run their processes and develop their products. Discover the future of organizational transformation and leadership with a visionary exploration.

Join for an intriguing session that delves into the potential impact of “Generative AI” on shaping tomorrow’s business landscape.