Tania Rebuzzi

Managing Director

Tania Rebuzzi is Managing Director at Accenture. She has more than 20 years of experience in transforming and operating large organizations in banking. She developed innovative cognitive technology solutions from business together with IT, built new service models and established new organizational models and functions.

Ms. Rebuzzi heads the Cloud First Design portfolio and is jointly responsible for the cloud, infrastructure and software engineering business in Switzerland. This includes in particular the holistic support of companies in transformations through new technologies.

She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Leadership from Saïd Business School, Oxford and studied Communication Sciences, Market Psychology and Economics at the University of Munich. She has set up and led lectures on organizational development through digital transformation.

She is convinced that the success of large technology and innovation projects is based on strong internal collaboration and that the ability of companies and people to constantly learn and reorientate differentiates them from the competition.

Talk - The Energy factor - becoming a lean, agile, network organization

Hear how we transformed Accenture’s Cloud and Software Engineering practice to a lean, agile, network organization.

Agility is finally where it is supposed to be: In business instead of “just” in IT. Companies have realized that there is a need to change fundamentally, i.e. to set themselves up to produce innovation constantly and not as “one-off” initiative. The market demands organizations that are lean, adaptable and ready to change, whenever the market demands. But how do you become such an organization? How do you set up your organization, talent and leadership to achieve that? How do you shift the mindset and culture of an organization so that IT and Business are working together?

We will not only discuss with you what we see happening in the market and what other companies do to become such lean, agile companies. But we will tell you about our very own journey and what we did to transform ourselves and our culture from a “traditional” organization to a lean, network-based organization, with new principles, new leadership approaches and, effectively, a different culture.