Zur Partnerkonferenz Agile Leadership Day

Stephan Kahl


Stephan Kahl is a Director at Deloitte Consulting  with 13 years of experience in Consulting. He passionately accompanies Executives on Business Agility Journeys as a Consultant, Mentor and Coach. For Stephan, agility is not the goal, but a means to an end to achieve measurable business outcomes. The job is done when customers and employees are happier, time-to-market has been reduced significantly, product quality has improved and the value contribution of an organization towards its (internal) customer is clear and measurable.

Stephan is a Certified SAFe 6.0 Practice Consultant (SPC), certified Scrum Master (CSM), IC Enterprise Agile Coach (ICP-CAT, ICP-ENT) and ITIL v3 certified.

Talk: Project to Product Transformation Journey – Build a Bridge Between Business and Technology

How we succeeded to build a bridge between business and technology at Mercedes-Benz? Let us take you through our Project to Product Transformation Journey.

We are transforming our organization – shifting from a demand driven to a value- & customer-oriented working model. As cars of the future are software-driven and will be defined by their digital products, this change is a must. This also valid for all corporate functions. During our journey we focus on the people to truly enable a sustainable and successful change. From our experience in leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework and bringing our business and IT talents together, we will share our key lessons learned and success factors.