Evelyn van Kelle

Strategic Software Delivery Consultant & Behavioral Change Consultant



Evelyn is a consultant and trainer that focuses on (digital) transformations, helping organizations to drive sustainable change from a sociotechnical perspective. She guides management and teams to become more successful by focusing on optimizing their systems as a whole instead of getting stuck in local optimization efforts. To achieve sustainable transformations that actually last, Evelyn focuses on the true critical factor of organizational success: behavior. Using a mixture of social sciences, behavioral sciences, Domain-Driven Design, and technology, she helps to design and evolve the best environment for people to thrive in.

Workshop - Behavioral Change Crash Course

Behavioral change and Agile are two concepts that are very often linked to each other. It seems that no transformation project can succeed without a necessary change in behavior and/or mindset. When a company starts a transformation, you’ll probably see all hands sessions that communicate the importance of organizational/team alignment and adopting the Agile mindset and values. The introduction of new tools and practices that should enable the desired behavioral change. The new values on beautiful posters on the walls in the office. Leaders and managers emphasizing the why of the transformation in impressive speeches. And then… nothing. No behavioral change, no goals achieved.


One of the reasons many transformation projects fail is because there’s not nearly enough focus on the crucial link: human behavior. Many initiatives and programs around Digital Transformation and the introduction of an Agile/ DevOps way of working are focusing on technology, e.g., automated software delivery pipelines and self-service Cloud platforms. In fact, advanced technology can lead to major improvements, but the truth is, that the full leverage of business value creation is tied to changes in people’s behavior. How the team members are aligned, how communication is organized and how leadership is manifested, does not depend on technology shifts. It’s about how humans (inter)act.


In this highly interactive workshop (you’ll be doing all the work ;-)), Evelyn and Andrea will get you started in realizing behavioral change. You will gain insights in what actually drives behavioral change, and you will practice with useful tools that you can continue to use the next day.