Andi Vonlanthen

Group Vice President Research & Development

Andi Vonlanthen has been Group Vice President Research & Development of Sonova since April 2012. He started his professional career at Phonak in 1984 in the area of product development, where he contributed significantly to a large number of technological innovations and product launches. As one of many innovations, he developed the first ever multi-microphone system for hearing instruments, which revolutionized the entire industry. From 2002 to 2004, he was Vice President R&D at Unitron. As of 2004 he was responsible for the Group System Integration function.

Talk - Change as a chance for diversity – learnings from a 2-year transformation

In 2019, the Sonova R&D department went through a major change to adapt the organizational structure to fit the needs of the global provider of hearing solutions that Sonova had become after many years of success and growth. The goal was to establish an agile organization that continuously delivers innovative consumer-focused solutions in a fast-changing environment. As part of this transformation, we split up leadership positions into separate responsibilities for people and culture, content expertise, project leadership, and products and processes. After 2 years in the new model, there are many learnings to share, including how the transformation helped us diversify our leadership team.