Peter Zylka-Greger

Former SwissRe Consultant (Agile Coaching, Leadership Development, Organizational Culture)


Peter is a passionate Agile Coach, and for him, it is all about helping teams and organizations become better. Empowering employees to show up to work as Theory Y again is something that motivates him to pursue his passion every day. He has been fortunate to work with a diverse group of clients over the past six years, from start-ups to big corporations, allowing him to engage in different countries and diverse cultures. But more importantly, they allowed him to learn much about himself and his ego.

Talk - What is this «Thing» Called Ego, and Why is it Worth Knowing More About It?

We probably all know we have an ego, but what is it all about? Is the ego a good thing or a bad thing?
How does it show up in our daily life, and what impact does it have on our behavior and actions as leaders?
Has it always served me well? Or did it also cause damage?
But more importantly, is survival in a corporate environment without an ego even possible? And how could the life of a leader look like, leading without the ego being in charge?
Let’s explore all this together and examine the impact these 3  characters could have on the future of work and leading.