Zur Partnerkonferenz Agile Leadership Day
Gartensaal 1A

Learning from Failure for a Growth Mindset

Facts: Innovation starts with failure.
Nobody likes to talk about failure, but failure is indispensable to improve. It is like going to the gym every day, consistent training will bring results.
Consistent failure & learning will bring growth.

Not all failures are born equal, and many of us may not be able to pronounce the word failure. But how can we get better at what we do – at work or overall in life? Together, we must revolutionize the way of thinking of our people: raised in a zero failure culture since primary school. We must transition towards «guided failure & learning».
How do we foster a culture of healthy failure? How do we go from playing safe and avoiding failure to looking for failure as a way to get better? In my session I will also share how I have applied it to my teams.