Zur Partnerkonferenz Agile Leadership Day
Gartensaal 1C

The Life and Crimes of an Agile Coach

In this talk, John Brookmyre looks to share some of the things he has learnt over his 20+ year career in Agile and specifically Agile Coaching – What he wished he’d known, what he thought he’d known and what he still does not know.

You are curious, you believe, you are an Agile Coach – You rock! But wait… The teams are not loving what you do. You see frictions, You try new things. You get some positive feedback. Hooray. Then people stop loving it again…. Was it a false dawn? You go back and try again… you are in a bumpy cycle. 

 There are some defaults, patterns and strategies that have served John well over the years. He wants to share them with you and see if these can boost your positive, participatory change movement. He does not have all the answers but he does have some ideas which he thinks turn the odds in your favour.