October 23, 2019 – Zurich

Agility Day

Agile Operating Models
Strategy & Organisational Design
Role of Innovation & Customers

Digital & Agile Transformation
People, HR & Motivation Systems
Exec. Leadership & Culture

Digital is eating the world – and thereby increasing market dynamics, unbundling value chains and shattering companies.

Business Agility Day brings together all roles, departments, professions and levels necessary for a successful transformation.
All together to create organizations for the future.


On the tech side, agile has become the new standard way of working. But to take full advantage of agile, organizational barriers need to be taken down and agile must become an organization-wide way of working and mindset.

The answer is Business Agility.


  • Insights and best practices from leading companies
  • Networking across functional areas and industries
  • Access to Agile Leadership Day talks and workshops
  • Supervised by an independent board, staffed by prominent companies