Stefan Sieger

Global Sponsor and Leader of Scaled Agile Transformation Programme

Stefan Sieger is an experienced and senior executive excited by delivering large-scale business transformations and fostering technology driven business opportunities. His career started in banking and ultimately led him to the re-insurance industry. Having worked in truly global companies for more than two decades he greatly believes in the strength of diversity and of collective thinking. Today he leads a global, large team of transformation experts of Swiss Re Group and is the Executive Sponsors of the scaled agile transformation.

Talk - Learn, unlearn, relearn: the role of senior leadership in building an agile organisation

Senior leaders play a pivotal role in supporting and scaling agile across an organisation. Remember, their roles change too!
Top-down sponsorship is not enough: senior leaders must embrace and visibly role-model an agile mindset and leadership values. This requires an important, and sometimes uncomfortable journey of unlearning and relearning leadership.

Key contributions of senior agile leaders: Provide purpose, empower management & teams and design for aligned autonomy, give control through shared leadership at eye level, be present and available, but not directive, foster psychological safety and fast learning cycles.

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