Stefan Seiler

Group Head of Human Resources

Stefan is an experienced human resources leader with more than 20 years’ experience across all HR topics. The launch of the UBS University, the new Hybrid Working Framework and the roll-out of Agile@UBS for the business and in HR are just a few examples for his ongoing transformational efforts, always with a focus on impact and sustainable performance improvement. He has always worked in close partnership with business and therefore has a keen sense of how HR can impact the business agenda. Stefan is the Group wide co-sponsore of Agile@UBS.

Before joining UBS in 2011, Stefan held various leadership roles in financial services and in academia. He holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Fribourg (CH) and he has been an Adjunct Professor for strategic HR management and leadership at Nanyang Business School in Singapore since 2015. Throughout his career, he has lived and worked in Switzerland, Singapore, the US and the UK.

Talk - Transform Your Mindset and Way of Working - Agile @ UBS

In the banking industry, change has been a constant and, today, the pace of that change is more rapid than ever. Across all sectors, established incumbents are being challenged by disruptors who promise clients and employees something new and better – and expectations of clients and employees are high. At UBS, we believe an important key to navigating this turning point and succeeding in the future is agile working.

We have many teams already working successfully in an agile way. Now we’re building on those experiences, accelerating our plans and have introduced one consistent approach across the bank: Agile@UBS.

More than 18,000 people joined Agile@UBS since we started this transformation last year, from our global 70,000 organization – and by end of 2022 it will be 20,000 employees.

It’s a model and mindset to fundamentally shift the way we work. So, what have we learnt so far? During this speech, we’ll take you on our journey to agile and share our key take-aways. We’ll also give some examples of where we’ve already seen our agile pods having an impact across UBS.