Samuel Loher

Head Strategic Marketing

Samuel Loher is a strategy nerd driven to find more effective ways to strategize. He is the co-author of the book “Strategic Agility”, a hands-on playbook for modern strategists. He worked as a strategy consultant for 5 years and is currently active in a strategic role for a Oetiker Group, a global industrial company that has applied the Strategic Agility approach successfully for already 10 years.

Talk - Bringing agility to the strategic level – 10 years of strategic agility at Oetiker Group

In the last decade, many companies managed to transform project work, software development and business development efforts towards more agile ways, increasing speed and nimbleness in certain aspects of their operations. But how can a company become more agile in the approach to strategizing and the way they steer the company? To prevail amidst ever increasing uncertainty in the business environment, agility is also required on the strategic level, where decisions are made on direction, priorities and ultimately resource allocation – the fuel for transformation and progress.

In this session, Samuel Loher sheds light on the advantages of operating the strategic machine room of a company with an agile approach. Oetiker Group has been working with “Strategic Agility” for many years. Challenge yourself and join the session to find out why they started doing it, how they drive their strategy and what they get out of it.