Zur Partnerkonferenz Agile Leadership Day

Peter Sänger-Valasek

Director IT

Client Journeys as key value driver enabling an agile organization

Digitalization has not only rapidly affected the financial services industry but has also changed our client’s expectations and needs. They are the key driver of change, telling us clearly, what they want (e.g. mobile banking, self-services). Our vision is to make 2 million clients happy. Hence, Credit Suisse – Swiss Universal Bank has taken a new approach to organizing its business around Client Journeys, by putting client needs at the center as a key value driver.

Achieving such a vision needs a common goal of an agile organization unifying boundaryless IT & Business to also allow quick reaction time. The way towards this aim was supported by a consistent approach having Business orienting along five strategic client journeys as well as four cross-journey functions to ensure consistency. This enables us to “walk in our client’s shoes”, being organized along the value chains and client channels. In addition a delivery & collaboration organization was shaped in co-creation with iterative content rounds, where the future key roles within a value stream were defined and how these roles interact to deliver software and operate the IT systems.

To increase buy-in from our teams, we encouraged acting in a OneTeam spirit contributing jointly towards our common vision and purpose. The speech will cover our digital strategy, the reasoning and learnings behind this new organizational model and shall also inspire why work shall be assigned along roles and its skills & ownerships than just hierarchical titles.

Short Bio

Peter Sänger-Valasek heads the Agile, DevOps & Cloud Transformation Stream of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) AG and is responsible for the adaptation of new technologies in IT. The focus here is on the transformation of business and IT units into an agile organization. In Peter’s career he has transformed and managed various large initiatives such as digitization and omnichannel in a large scale agile setup with globally distributed teams. He will use practical examples to show how close collaboration of all roles helps to directly control and maximize value creation.