Joël Krapf

Senior Manager



Joël Krapf has been facilitating and leading transformations for +10 years. He currently supports organizations on their digital journey as Business Agility Transformation & Agile Delivery Lead at Accenture Switzerland. Previously, he was Head Lean Portfolio and Agile Transformation at Migros and worked as Transformation Expert at other international organizations.


Joël has published various books and articles on Business Agility & Agile Leadership and is regularly invited as a keynote speaker at conferences. On LinkedIn, around 30,000 people follow him and his posts. Joël holds a PhD in Business Agility Transformation from the University of St.Gallen.

Talk - How To Enable a Decentralized, Large Scaled Transformation – A Roche Story

Roche Informatics embarked on a large scaled transformation to enable ~15’000 Business and IT professionals to deliver better value, faster, efficient, together. This talk will be an honest account on the experiences gained during that journey and should act as an inspiration for other organizations on how to continuously transform.


Key Learnings:

– A deep-dive on the approach and agile transformation governance that Roche Informatic applied to enable this large scale transformation
– A deep-dive on the application of the hub & spokes model with +10 local LACEs
– A deep-dive on the transformation bootcamp that acted as a kick-start for the decentralized, large scale transformation
– Success factors and challenges experienced on the journey