Georg Meyer



Georg Meyer started his career in software development and then moved through research and consulting into his current Chief Information Officer role. He also holds a dear interest (and a PhD) in philosophy and sees people as the major driver of transformation and digitalisation.

Talk - Employee Stickiness: A Remedy Against Your Best People Leaving

One of your top developers calls you. She has a new job offer, a lot more money, interesting-looking work. She’s not super fulfilled with what he’s doing right now. Ouch! Bad news, right? What do you do? Offer more money? Beg her to stay?
But wait, that’s not all… you keep listening and she tells you she doesn’t want to leave. She wants to keep working for you, with some tweaks. You learn more and find that there are easy ways to enrich her job while benefitting the organization. You agree to experiment. She excitedly agrees and turns down the other offer – trusting that things will improve.
Too good to be true? No, we’ve seen it happen!
In this session, we share what we learned about fostering a culture that creates «employer stickiness». That gives you a chance to retain talent because they want to be part of shaping the business rather than staying for the dollars. We illustrate this using a concrete case example and bring together the perspective of IT and People development.