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Dr. Daniel Glaser

16.00 - 16.45 Main-Hall

Agile Mindset from a neuroscience point of view

Agile mindset is a trending topic in the area of agile and leadership. But what is a mindset? And how can we influence it to become even better in what we do (or are)? To have a mindset you need a brain. And your brain is a biological machine in a biological body. As we develop as agile leaders it’s easy to lose sight of the neurobiological processes which underlie all of our thinking. But we will develop and perform better if we understand more about how our brains work, how we perceive the world and how our abstract thoughts and deep emotions are played out in our bodies. In this keynote I’ll give you some surprising facts and stories about how we sustain our world view and how others see us. And I’ll explain how simple neuroscientific perspectives can improve your performance.

Short Bio

Dr Daniel Glaser is a neuroscientist and writer. This year he was a Winston Churchill Fellow travelling across America to research what AI can tell us about being human. He was Founding Director of Science Gallery London, a £30m capital development in the heart of the city, where art and science collide. Daniel was the world’s first scientist in residence at an arts institution and the first scientist to judge the Booker Prize. For two years until 2018 he wrote a weekly column in the Observer Magazine and his Guardian podcast series have had half a million listens. Following fifteen years of neuroscience research, he moved to Wellcome Trust, where he ran a £10m annual funding portfolio for public engagement and the arts. As an undergraduate at Cambridge he studied maths and then English literature, and was a combat medic in the army reserves.

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