Zur Partnerkonferenz Agile Leadership Day

Dieter Prohammer


Dieter Prohammer is a passionate Enterprise Agile Coach and Change Agent with SwissQ Consulting with an extensive previous experience in software development. He consults companies and their management on their transformation towards business agility, focusing on designing and executing an inclusive and sustainable change journey. Dieter also enjoys working as a trainer and conference speaker.

Talk: Business Agility – Megatrend or Myth?

Many companies have set their eyes on Business Agility. They have started implementing the Spotify Model renaming departments to tribes and teams to squads. They have adopted Scrum or at least some of the practices. Tasks are now called stories, progress is tracked on Jira kanban boards. Some people in the business are involved in IT projects using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). But have businesses really embraced the concept of agility and moved towards it? Have the benefits of Agile been achieved? Being able to discover and seize new business opportunities and co-create new solutions with the customers. Become more flexible, faster, and adaptable as a business. Looking at the results of SwissQ’s Trends and Benchmark study, there are big questions marks.

The quintessence is, that organisations have started using agile in business but often the actual way of doing business hasn’t changed much. The same old processes, the same old rules, the same old hierarchy, and the same old business models.  This talk looks at what the Trends and Benchmarks survey, conversations with people in different companies, and our day-to-day work tell us about the current state of Business Agility in today’s organisations and what conclusions we can draw from it.

Key takeaways:

  • an overview of the current state of Business Agility (in Switzerland)
  • key capabilities we believe are required for business agility and the biggest challenges for implementing them
  • what needs to change so that Business Agility becomes reality instead of a myth