Carmelo Iantosca

Chief Data Officer


Carmelo is the Chief Data & Analytics Officer at AXA Switzerland. He studied Data Analytics and Process Design at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and specialized/certified in numerous Data Science and Big Data disciplines. In addition to the scientific and technical background, he has an Executive MBA in General Management from the University of St. Gallen (HSG). He worked in leading consulting positions in the Data Science and Big Data domain at Bertelsmann, SAS Institute, and gateB, where he could build solutions for the largest companies in Retail, Pharma, Banking, Insurance, and other industries prior to joining AXA in 2017. Carmelo has been working in the Data Science field for over 15 years and lectures at various universities in Switzerland.

Talk - Innovate or Die! Why Every Product Team Has to Get Data Driven to Ensure Future Competitiveness

Data and its efficient use will become even more decisive in the coming years in order to maintain or expand competitiveness. The future belongs to companies that can make faster and better decisions based on data, i.e., adapt more agilely to new market and customer needs (survival of the fittest) or create entirely new needs from analytical insights. The talk will show how AXA started and evolved along a defined maturity model towards a Hub and Spoke model, where Data and AI capabilities become integral part of every DevOps Product Teams. Best Practice Advice will be given with experiences made on real use cases as well es lessons learned out of daily operations.