Bruno Schenk

Senior Director Platforms and Delivery Hubs



Croatian by birth, Bruno Schenk grew up and lives in Switzerland. With his double-background in Health and IT / Business Consulting, he brings a unique mix of emotional intelligence and transformation skills. In his 13 years journey in IT, Bruno developed from Analyst to Senior Director Platforms and Delivery Hubs, his current role at Sunrise and he holds relevant experience in leadership of complex transformation. At Sunrise, Bruno leads a large team of enablers for Digital, Sunrise Moments, Swiss-Ski Digital Innovation, DevSecOps and more.

Talk - Unleashing the Power of Change: Technical Enablers for Agile Digital Transformation

In this presentation we would like to bring our successful experience in Sunrise, focusing on the technical enablers needed to support such Transformations. We will show what are the right IT architecture principles that you have to enforce and how they go hand in hand with the needs of the Business. We will talk about how to decouple the front-end changes from the ones more complex in the back-end systems, by using microservices, and how to support swift deploys with the use of containerization. And we will explain how the implementation of DevSecOps methodologies can bring benefits, not only to the IT teams, but to the whole organization.


We will include concrete examples of what we delivered, the challenges we encountered along the way and the next steps planned to further improve our IT ecosystem.