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Software Engineering Team Lead

14.15 – 14.45 Club

Turn the Leadership Around - A personal story 🇬🇧

As a young leader (former Software Engineer), I will briefly tell the story of our transition towards a more agile organization. Empowering our people in so-called “Capabilities” has its pros and cons. I will share our biggest challenges (Mindset Change, New Leader Role, Responsibility Diffusion) and how we/I deal with them. Let me share my thoughts.

Short Bio

Andreas Schmid lives in Aargau. He spent seven years as a software engineer in a growing simulation software development team at Roche International Ltd. As part of the November 2018 reorganization, he assumed the role of Team Lead/Coach. Since then, his focus has been on modernizing the management style at Roche. He studied Computer Science (2013-2017) at the HSLU.

Weitere Speaker