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VP Product Strategy

14.15 – 14.45 Loft-1

The role of technology in agile transformations 🇬🇧

The role of technology in agile transformations
Improving and automating IT processes are key steps towards business agility and continuous delivery and DevOps are two crucial ingredients to creating a faster and more agile organization. However, what changes in technology need to happen to make a real impact? Why are so many organizations still struggling?

In this talk, we will explore how new technologies can help drive your agile transformation. For example, if you move to cloud, what is really happening behind the scenes? We’ll show how team responsibilities, application landscape architecture and delivery pipelines change to drive agile transformation.

Secondly, we’ll focus on how to drive your IT transformation while adopting new technologies, with examples and experiences from large enterprises and special focus on these factors:
*Quality-first thinking to improve customer satisfaction and engineering capacity
*Connected pipelines to bring disciplines together
*Building repeatable delivery patterns to accelerate your business

Short Bio

Andreas Prins is Vice President of Product Strategy for XebiaLabs. Andreas brings real-world experience building and scaling teams to deliver mission-critical software applications. He has extensive experience as an agile transformation coach and as a former manager of DevOps team. At XebiaLabs he is responsible for product management to build Enterprise DevOps solutions that enable the digital transformation of the customers.

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