Zur Partnerkonferenz Agile Leadership Day

Andras Muzslay

Agile Coach

How Agile Are We? - Measuring What Matters

This presentation shows a practical approach and the lessons learned for introducing a light measurement framework that quantifies the agile transformation progress and answers tough management questions such as: „We invested a lot in this program. Where are we now?“

1. Gain full management alignment on the organizational vision

2. Identify the minimum set of KPIs to measure progress towards the vision

3. Expect all your teams to measure these KPIs but enable them as much as possible to do that properly

4. Provide full transparency on the results and predictability of the process steps

5. Communicate, listen to feedback carefully and adjust the approach as necessary

6. Be transparent about mistakes and the lessons learned to stay authentic and keep buy-in

Short Bio

Andras Muzslay is the lead Agile Coach and SAFe trainer in the Siemens Smart Infrastructure IT organization.
Beside the coaching and training activities Andras supports the management in formulating strategy and living the Agile Leadership.