Michael Freund

Head Data, Analytics & Institutional Products IT, SVIM


Michael Freund is a Managing Director of Credit Suisse and leads IT for Data, Analytics and Institutional Products for the Swiss Bank based in Zurich. Previously he led the IT Digitalization department and served as Global IT Program Manager for the Digital Private Banking. Michael joined Credit Suisse in January 2007 from Sungard. Prior to that, he worked at KPMG Consulting and BearingPoint as Management Consultant and started his career with JP Morgan Asset Management.

Talk - Apply Agile in Analytics to Cross-/ Upsell Banking Products

Banking clients are moving more and more to digital channels requesting personalized experiences and offers. Banks need to respond to this and applying agile practices is a great approach to deliver personalized experiences and offers in an iterative fashion. This talk will explain why agile works so well with analytics, issues that needed addressing and useful lessons learnt for practitioners.