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Adrian Zwingli


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Why is there still a conference on digitization and business transformation?

Many talk about digitization, but few really know how to handle it. A board trip to Silicon Valley or attending a digitization conference is often just cosmetic. Superficial conferences on digitization are like sand on the sea. We take care of the actual implementation in the companies. Do not talk about why we need to change, but what we are changing and, above all, how.

What is the difference between Digital Transformation and Business Transformation?

The difference is in focus. Many understand the digital transformation as the conversion or the re-creation of digital products and services. By business transformation we mean the fundamental change of the companies; new, modern organizational structures, flexible and agile processes, a digital work culture, away from management towards leadership and an equipped workforce for the future. The path to this new age is painful and fraught with energy and tears. Therefore, transformation should not be seen as a linear change. Digitization is a fad, but the necessary business transformation is a long-lasting topic.

You are founder and chairman of the re.formation conference. What is your task?

As the founder and chairman of the conference, I was responsible for the composition of the Conference Board, the strategic direction and accompanying the implementation of the Conference Board, comparable to the position of Chairman of the Board. A targeted compilation of the board is very important.

Why do you have a conference board?

The conference board is similar to a board of directors of a company. The body determines the strategy, the implementation and controls the progress. An integral part of this is the programming of the conference day. The Board selects the speakers and thus ensures the product market fit for the participants. The board members bring their current problems and needs and seek local examples that cover them.

What is your personal highlight at the conference?

It is difficult to name a highlight. All lectures offer great added value and deep insights into the current changes in Swiss companies.

Does the conference take place once?

No. We had a brilliant start in 2017. The conference will be held once a year and this year for the second time. In addition, there will be more workshops, training and exchange programs during the year. For example, the workshop “The Impact of Digitization on Directors: Compilation, Skills and Risks” is already taking place. That is, we work with boards of directors to better accompany the transformation into modern organizations.