About Agile Leadership Day

What is Agile Leadership Day?

Agile Leadership Day is the meeting place for leaders in IT. Together with Business Agility Day (happening on the same day in the same location), we bring together all roles involved in making companies more agile and adaptive to the ever-changing market environment.

1100 Participants: From Team Lead to CIO

Every year we welcome back many new and also familiar faces (some people fondly refer to Agile Leadership Day as a family reunion) Sounds great? So, who will be there?

  • Leaders in IT: CIO, CTO, Head IT, Head Agile, Scrum Master, Agile Coaches, RTE
  • Business leaders and specialists: CEO, CHRO, COO, CDO, etc. Group, business and divisional managers, senior and middle management; Finance, HR, Legal, Innovation, Operations, Sales etc.
  • From diverse industries and roles

Focus on Actionable Insights & Best Practices

Leadership is a complex topic, and we are all at different points along our transformation journeys. At Agile Leadership Day, you will get insights and best practices from leading Swiss and international companies. Our independent board chooses only actionable content from practitioners, so you can apply your new knowledge straight away!

Meet, Share, Inspire

Agile Leadership Day is a place to meet, share and inspire one another. Sometimes a day out of the office is all that you need to re-fuel your passion and unleash those great ideas! Discussing shared challenges with other agile practitioners and coaches can help you see things differently and provide fresh insights.

Driving change together

With our sister conference Business Agility Day taking place on the same day and at the same place, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts from all roles, departments and professions necessary for a successful transformation.

Independent content curated by experts

The programme is selected by an independent board of customer representatives and delivered by practioners and experts in the agile community. Content is selected to provide maximum benefit to participants: relevant topics, actionable content, clear takeaways.

Your next provider or employer?

Partners form an integral part of the conference. Not just in terms of financial support, but also by providing expert advice, access to solutions, momentum, spirit and drive. In addition to being a hub for knowledge sharing, Agile Leadership Day is a great place to network – for employers and for potential employees. Find your next service provider – or employer – at the conference expo!

Join us at Agile Leadership Day – we’re always happy to welcome a new member to the family! ❤️